Bigg Boss Telugu auditions and registrations: Register now

Bigg Boss Telugu Registration/Auditions is similar to getting a pass to Bigg Boss reality show. Selected people can be sent to a house where he/she needs to live for 100 days with restrictions and with unknown people. Simply submitting a form from the below link isn’t the only step. Submissions are followed by auditions and lucky ones are picked to participate in this popular show. Moreover, remuneration will be paid to contestants.

Usually, the initial seasons i.e season 1 and 2 didn’t provide a chance to commoners and it is acceptable. Participation of celebs can push the reach to some more extent. Can we spend time for viewing normal man Lifestyle from home? Hell, No.

Bigg boss telugu registrations ,auditions

To be frank, If you are a regular watcher of Hindi Version, then you might know the things well. Salman Khan allows common people to Bigg Boss House in season 10, and we know about the response. Similarly, FOR Kannada Commoners Entered the House in season 5. As usual season 1 and season 2 contestants are of celebs were as common people allowed to participate in season 3. So there is a good chance of opening the registrations for common people in season 4.

So here we thought to write a complete guide on Bigg Boss Telugu Registration. This is just to educate the Bigg Boss Fans so that they can’t miss the chance of entering the Bigg Boss House. We will regularly update the links (we will place the official registration link if opened). Registrations and auditions are completely free. Don’t fall for scams. The Process of voting and eliminations is still the same.

Bigg Boss Telugu Registrations/Auditions

This guide serves you with the purpose of knowing complete information regarding the Bigg Boss Telugu auditions and all. Usually, these will be opened on the official website itself.

It might be two Step process Where Registrations are filtered out and then the panel selects Contestants depending upon their performances.

There are no special requirements to fill up the registration form. Anyone can fill up the registration form.So its better to set up the things for a smooth registration Process.

All you need is registration link and the information that needs to be written while submitting online.

In Our Words

It might be opened for all, But one must need some skill before the screen to showcase their performance during the tasks and all. For Example, Some of the common people are welcomed in the 5th season of Kannada Bigg Boss and most of them are a bit popular in some skill i.e Dubsmash, Painting Skill etc. Hope you got it clear.

Requirements for Bigg Boss Telugu Registrations

We recommend you to save the following details in a notepad, and it will be easy during registration.

  • Name
  • A valid email address
  • Your permanent address
  • City
  • State
  • Pin code
  • Contact Number (Update it with your number)
  • Birthdate (For Age Consideration)
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Reason for being in the show (Have a solid reason to impress the panel)
  • Your social profiles.

Bigg Boss Registration For Common Man

How to Register for Bigg Boss Season 4

  • Open the Above Link and fill the official form.This is how the official form looks.
bigg boss telugu audition form
  • Update each and every detail accurately as they will contact you after the approval of the document.
  • Add “Yourself “ Section in a professional way as it might help you in auditions.
  • Upload your Video which is for three minutes and less than 50MB i.e Dubsmash or some of your Acting videos might work well.
  • Remember, Video Above or less than three minutes are not considered. As there is a chance of many applications most of the docs violating terms will be neglected.
  • Keep an eye on the last date. Submissions after the last date will be rejected straight away.

Registrations are Opened For Commoners in Season 4

There is no official confirmation regarding the common man entry to season 4. As we all know, commoners entered the house in season 3 and so there might be chance in the current season as well.

Nothing of the details above are confirmed. Makers will announce it shortly and we will update the page accordingly. Before that, don’t fall for the scams online during auditions. In case, if you haven’t watched the previous episodes, Here is How to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Episodes

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for Bigg Boss in Telugu?

Simply paste the URL( in browse and fill the form with accurate data and details. The Video should be more than 3 minutes and less than 50MB in order to get listed. Make sure you should do well in the video as it is considered as main criteria.

How much do Bigg Boss Telugu contestants get paid?

They are paid on 2 basis. Some of the contestants are paid per week until elimination and some are paid a hefty amount irrespective of their elimination. however, it completely depends upon their fame among audience.

How contestants are selected for Bigg Boss?

Makers directly contact the Celebs and asks for their decision for being in the show. If they agree , remuneration talks will be on. If not they go on choosing some other. Commoners were selected on the basis of their showcased acting skills and social popularity adds weight as well.

How can I get chance in Bigg Boss Telugu?

It is all about allowing common people into the house. If they are, then do register yourself at the official website and fill the form quite well and be shortlisted. Make sure you had some great social presence to get a view of makers on you.

223 thoughts on “Bigg Boss Telugu auditions and registrations: Register now

  1. Shaik malansulthana says:

    1.Hello Big Boss iam very much interesting in bigg Boss reality show season one nundi kuda next season give me one chance Big Boss
    3.nenu Big Boss house ki enduku ravali ankuntuna antey daniki big reason undi
    4.nenu oka girl iam a middle class girl
    5.madi chala peda family my father cooli,Naku four brothers and one sister memu chala kastapadthunam sir navala na family ki etivanti problem undakudadu because iam a girl so nenu family ki edana cheyali ankuntuna chala mandi mamalni avoid chesaru avaamanincharu valandarki budi chepali ankuntuna sir nakantu samanam lo Identity kavali ankuntuna sir next season lo oka chance ivandi sir nanu nenu prove cheskunta sir life long miku runapadi untanu
    5. My hobbies . dance,cooking , singing and villan acting also actually iam looking very cute and beautiful

  2. BOCAM NAIDU says:

    Hi sir may i join bigboss season -5

    1. Bigg Boss says:

      If common people are allowed then registration form will be live

  3. M.Bhaskar says:

    Name : M.BHASKAR
    A valid email address :
    Your permanent address : Tadipatri
    City :
    State :
    Pin code :
    Contact Number (Update it with your number) :
    Birthdate (For Age Consideration) : 26 Years
    Gender : male
    Height : 5.7 Feets
    Weight : 78 kgs
    Reason for being in the show (Have a solid reason to impress the panel) :
    Your social profiles. :

  4. Hiii sir .I love bigboss,❤️ I want to come in bigboss 🏠
    Please give me one opportunity.

  5. V. Sravanthi says:

    Hi, I’m Sravanthi from Kurnool. I’m 30yrs old.I’m working as a Incharge for the classes Nur -5th in corporate schools.I can Dance well, I can sing well as well as I can entertain well. Plz give me a chance in BB 4, I’m so much exited to participate in this show. I have a daughter. I’m living on my own strength and hardwork. I don’t have any support from my family side. If u give to me I’ll prove myself who am I . Even though a normal, single lady also can give a tight competition to the celebs. Give me a chance to prove it.
    Thanking you Bigg Boss.

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