Contestants Remuneration For Season 2

Curtains are up for Bigg Boss Season 2 and Housemates are locked in the Bigg House as well. The Bitter Fact is that audience not that satisfied with the mix of contestants in season 2 when compared to season 1. But However, Star MAA Continues to increase its Viewership. Anyway, the Contestants need to be paid for being in the house for 100 days. The Pay model is completely different when it comes to Bigg Boss. The Show is Gearing up slowly with the behavior of the Controversial Housemates. So one can imagine more spice in upcoming Episodes.

season 2 contestants remuneration

Coming to the part of remuneration, Contestants are paid on weekly basis. According to the reports circulating around Nani will be Given a whopping amount of 3.5 crores which was half of NTR remuneration in season 1.

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Contestants Remuneration For Season 2

As Said Above, Contestants are paid On weekly basis as they might be eliminated in any week. Only the Housemates who might enter the Grand Finale will receive the remuneration for 106 days(If he/she is not a wildcard entry). If it’s about Wildcard entry they receive remuneration from the day they entered the House. Here are the remuneration details of the contestants for season 2.

There are 16 Contestants in Bigg Boss Season 2 apart from Wildcard entries. All of the Housemates didn’t receive the same remuneration at all.

HousemateSalary For week
Nani4 Crore(For Show)
Anchor Shyamala5 Lakhs/Week
Roll Rida5 Lakhs/Week
Deepthi Sunaiana5 Lakhs/Week
Actor Samrat Reddy5 Lakhs/Week
Kireeti Damaraju5 Lakhs/Week
Tanish8 Lakhs/week
Tejaswi Madivada8 Lakhs/week
Babu Gogineni8 Lakhs/week
Amit Tiwari3 Lakhs/week
Sanjana3 Lakhs/week
Nuthan Naidu3 Lakhs/week
Deepthi Nallamotu3 Lakhs/week
Koushal3 Lakhs/week
Bhanu3 Lakhs/week
Ganesh3 Lakhs/week
Geetha Maduri20 Lakhs

Geeta Madhuri, One of the Favorite Contestant in season 2 will be Given a Whooping amount of 20 Lakhs and it is not about staying for a week. Whatever, If she stays for the week or throughout the show she will be given 20 Lakhs. Keeping her fan base in mind, Makers agreed to do so and signed the contract with this popular Telugu singer.

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Note: All these remuneration details are not official as no contestant was likely to reveal their remuneration details for many purposes. All the List is collected from various web portals and was listed here in a simple manner just to give an idea about the Bigg Boss Remunerations.

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  4. Waste of the show….Tejaswi (over smart) and Geetha Madhuri ( so cunning)

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