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Hope you are damn curious about the remuneration of NTR for Bigg boss till now.Bigg Boss Telugu started telecasting from July 16th with a record breaking TRP’s.The TRP details are yet to be released, and makers are sure about making a record in TRP.So far it goes well, and contestants started living in the Bigg Boss House. For now, I am going to reveal the remuneration details of all contestants of season 1.


Firstly, I suggest you have a look at the list of Bigg Boss Telugu contestants for season 1.To be frank, there are some trolls regarding the participants till now, and many are highly disappointed with the section, and so the team is going to enter some of the celebrities as a part of wild card entry to boost up the show.

It’s rumored that NTR had been paid a huge amount for hosting the show.NTR is likely to be appeared on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) to discuss the things with house members. This grabs our attention, what might be the remuneration of contestants as they have to live 70 days in the house!!

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Let me clear you something before the actual start. Contestants are paid for every week as no one knows about the elimination. They are paid for the days they lived in the bigg boss house, and it is apt.Well here are complete remuneration details of contestants for season 1

Remuneration for Archana:

Archana is well known for her beauty, and she was faded out as key heroine in Tollywood.She started acting in the supportive roles, and her beauty makes us have a look at her. She never participated in such shows till date.

Pay: 5lakhs per week

 Remuneration for Sameer:

Sameer was an actor who mainly performs supportive roles and negative roles as well. He had good fame, and his career was in high pitch now. It’s all his nature which makes him be placed in Bigg Boss House.

Pay: 7.5 lakhs per week

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Remuneration for Mumaith Khan:

Muamith Khan made her debut with a special song in “Pokiri” which made her celebrity by night. Later she had done many special songs with her mark dance moves, and they are not up to the mark. She acted as the female main role in some of the movies.

Pay: 7.5 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Prince

A male actor who is busy with projects that impress the youth. So he had good craze in youth.By his looks, he might have good lady following as well. He mainly comes up with love and bold subjects with a message in the end.

Pay: 2 lakhs per week

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Remuneration for Madhu Priya

Madhu Priya was a singer and was into the news for some time. I am sure being in the news helped her a lot in selecting her to bigg boss. She was one of the lady children to her parents. It’s a good thing as she will get a huge expose with the show and her songs might have a good reach from now as well.

Pay: 5lakhs per week

Remuneration for Sampoornesh Babu

“Burning Star” is well known for his comedy action and his movie selection. He gets succeeded in getting such a craze within no time with his comedy timing, Movie selection, and performance. He did spoofs with ease, and they earned a decent fan base for shampoo.

Pay: 10 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Jyothi

A well-known actor for sex appeal. She is good at playing supportive roles. For a while, she was married and left the field to have a family life. Life went crazy for her and got divorced. Currently, she is back to acting and was living with her son.Bigg Boss is a needy for her now. Hoping the best.

Pay: 4 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Kalpana

A singer who impresses with her songs and stage performance. She might be the elder in our lady list. Apart from singing, she was a song writer and dubbing voice actor.Bigg Boss is good chance for her to become closer to the people.

Pay: 5lakhs per week

Remuneration for Mahesh Kathi

He might be unknown to many. He was an actor, Film critic, and director as well. Hope Bigg Boss show might help him to get fame and popularity as well.

Pay: 3 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Kathi Karthika:

Karthika started her life as an RJ (radio jockey) and now anchoring at the V6 news channel. She was married and was blessed with a boy but still looks younger. She is famous for “Dill Se Karthika” Interviews. Apart from anchoring, she was an architect too.

Pay: 3 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Siva Balaji:

She started his professional life from Sri Balaji group of companies (Own company).A well-known Indian actor. He was starred as a hero in 2003 and had done a good number of films in Tollywood and Tamil as well. He was named as “decent actor” in Tollywood.

Pay: 7.5 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Hari Teja:

If you are a serial lover, Then you might know her well.Later, she was an anchor for some of the shows and played supportive roles in some of the Telugu films. She had a Good Family fan base which might save her from elimination. She was mainly seen in the programs telecasted by ETV network.

Pay: 5 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Adarsh:

A dreamer who aimed to be the cricketer and now settled as a film actor. He has been acting in the supportive roles and sometimes negative roles as well.

Pay: 7.5 lakhs per week

Remuneration for Dhanraj:

“Dhanadhan Dhanraj” was his popular name. This was this team name in a popular comedy show telecasted by ETV.Slowly he got into the films as a comedy actor, and now he had enough fan base and fame.

Pay: 7.5 lakhs per week

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9 thoughts on “Contestants remuneration For Season 1

  1. As you are saying that season 2 is for commaners also and make us to fill form but that form is not submitting what the hell is this

  2. Are there any new wild card entries coming? Navdeep acting great but Diksha is talking and behaving like a child. I feel Dhanraj should not be eliminated. He was doing great and perfect for the show. Many of my friends and families stopped watching BIGG BOSS after Dhanraj elimination. Its kind of boring now a days. I feel Archana and Diksha should have been elimination. Can we see the live voting scoring on any web page or something. I feel something is not right.

    1. Yes, There is one more wild card entry.

  3. How much Deeksha Panth paid per week remuneration? Wild Card Entry & stuff.

    1. you can check the update in the post.

  4. I really feel Prince is doing a job and let me name archana and sameer this 2 people always talk about others , I would suggest it’s better that stop talking about others and also I didn’t like archana dressing the way she is dressing up when all the telugu people are watching so it’s not at all suitable .

    1. Dressing is upto to them in Bigg Boss House.Elimination all depends upon the their behavior and voting.So no need to bother about it.If bigg boss feels bad for archana and sameer then they will be close to elimination.

  5. why the hell Madhu priya is getting Rs5 lakhs remuneration, else prince is getting only Rs.2 lakhs. Actually Madh priya don’t deserve to be in this show, b’cos once if a participant is binded wid Bigg Boss agreement , he /she hs to follow the instructions of the Bigg Boss, no matter h’w popular the celebrity is n should behave like a common man in the house n do all things, thn why Madhu priya is telling i can’t do all things, i hven’t done anything even in my house, wht the use of getting into the show

    1. Yes if madhu priya say some of like this “I can’t do this or something” like that ,It was aganist bigg boss rules and so she will be more close to elimination

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