Different Types of Bigg Boss Viewers

Well, Now Bigg Boss Telugu is a well-known reality show for Telugu people. The actual plot of the show is responsible for the popularity, and there are mixed results about the show from the public. Whatever the result, Bigg Boss Telugu reality show had succeeded in getting the top TRP for Star MAA, and that is 16.18 which is highest for any show in Telugu. Some of you might feel bored, and some might be damn excited, and some might watch the show for their favorite star and much more. Now we will be discussing the Different types of Bigg boss Telugu viewers. Have a read and do comment your purpose of watching the show.

Different types of Bigg Boss Viewers

Young Tiger Jr.NTR fans

ntr fans
Credit: Gulte

It’s well known Jr.NTR was hosting the season 1.These don’t need about the show, contestants, elimination and all. They just watch the show for the reason that “Jr.NTR Is hosting the show”. They don’t mind what even happens in the Bigg house. To be frank, they might just watch the show on weekends for the young tiger.

We love controversies



Bigg boss reality show is well known for controversies. There are many debates regarding this in the Hindi reasons. These people might have an idea about “Bigg Boss Hindi” and they watch the show for controversies. They might be like “Enti inka godavalu emi avva.”They just need a rivalry between any of the two contestants, and so they watch the entire show without missing a single episode.

We love entertainment


These people are entertainment lovers. They just watch the show for fun. But at the end, they even thought of controversies as well. Instead of getting bored, they watch the show by expecting some entertainment through tasks and all

This was a scripted drama


Even you might get this thought, Right? These people are like, “There is nothing unique like this. It is simply a pre shooted drama, and we are watching it”. These don’t watch the show regularly. But they might get some interest by seeing the memes and discussions on social media. Finally, they just watch few episodes of the show.

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Curious about Life of Contestants

life bigg boss

It’s public opinion that Contestants for the season 1 are not up to the mark. Apart from it, some people are just curious about the life lead by celebrities in House, and so they watch the show. They completely focus on the contestants and don’t bother about eliminations.

Just for contestants


And some watch for the contestants too.Boys watch for Archana and Diksha Path 😉 Where are girls watch for Prince :).Dhanraj And Mumaith had enough fan Base as well.These people just watch for their contestant.I am not sure that they even look at the show after elimination.

So, which type of viewer are you :)? Let us know In comments section.

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