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Bigg Boss Telugu vote online serves the purpose of voting your favourite contestant in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. TRP’s are up for every season which inspires makers to come up with the next season. All the previous seasons were hit which were hosted by Jr.NTR, Nani and Nagarjuna respectively. There is no denying that housemates were offered movies post the Bigg Boss. In short, a reality show can revive their movie career and each of these things starts with public voting. Here is the complete procedure on how to vote, and complete info regarding contestants and Eliminations.t’s known fact that the show impressed all type of TV viewers.

bigg boss telugu vote

There will be 16 contestants (Around 16) where wild card entries will enter the house during the mid-show to stir some controversy which ultimately increases the viewership of the show.

We had noticed that there are many Facebook pages asking people to vote. Those are not official and are used to know the public interest to guess the winner. Before voting your favourite star, I recommend you to read this complete guide to know the actual things works about the show starting from Bigg Boss Telugu auditions. All the housemates will be paid remuneration based on their fame mostly.

The team do a lot of work behind. A lot of technology is being used to telecast videos and episodes on TV. Know about it when you are really interested.

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote – Vote here now

There are 4 official voting methods through which the audience can vote their favourite contestant. Votes are accepted till Friday 12 am (Every week). Have a look at the voting methods and go with an easy one.

  • Vote through Hotstar app{New}
  • Google Voting.
  • Voting through Missed call.
  • SMS Voting

I prefer to choose from the above two. Missed call and SMS voting are old fashioned and requires cellular balance.

Do remember, voting done through the official methods are considered and rest are used to know the audience interest and are not related to the official show in any way.

Apart from Hotstar voting method, all the other procedures are existed from Season 1 and are continued in season 2 and 3.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote through Hotstar

Hotstar is an official streaming partner of Bigg Boss Telugu which telecasts all the episodes online. We can download or watch all Bigg boss episode through Star backed Hotstar.

To counter the fake news channels, they embed a voting option in the app itself. Here is the complete procedure on how to vote through Hotstar.

  • Go to Google Play store and install Hotstar application.
install hotstar
search bigg boss telugu
find vote button
  • Choose your favourite and vote them
vote now
  • Submit the votes and you are done.

Bigg Boss Telugu vote online through Google

This is quite popular and is super easy. All you need to is a simple Google search. Star MAA sponsored by Google in order to provide Google voting system for us. The list might not be visible in early hours of the week nomination. Here are the steps to do it.

  • First set your browser homepage to google via browser settings.
  • Go to, The Indian version of Google. This particular result can only be displayed in Google India.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  • A simple Box with the nomination candidates will be displayed. You can check the below image. (Image from season 2)
bigg boss telugu votee
  • Click on the contestant whom you want to save.
  • You will vote 50 points to any number of contestants from one Google Account i.e you can vote 25 points each for 2 contestants.
  • Submit your vote
  • Share the result with your friends.
  • You can do it once per one Google account in one day.
  • You can do voting multiple times from different Gmail accounts 😉

 Missed call Voting

Let me make you clear about the rumors. Bigg Boss is not a pre shooted reality show. So there are no such planned things in the show. Ok anyway here is how we can save a contestant by voting him/her. Hope you may find your answer for “Did people voting matters in elimination”?

Well, Bigg Boss assigned one unique number to each participant, if you are completely aware of those numbers I suggest you have a read about Bigg Boss Telugu Missed call Numbers.

Singer Geetha Madhuri7729998801
Amit Tiwari7729998813
Tv9 Anchor Deepthi7729998808
Babu Gogineni7729998805
Deepthi sunaina7729998812
Roll Rida7729998807
Anchor syamala7729998802
Damaraju kiriti7729998816
Tejaswi Madiwada7729998806
Ganesh (Non Celebrity)7729998803
Sanjana (Non Celebrity)7729998814
Nutan Naidu (Non Celebrity)7729998809
Nandini RaiYTK

Wild Card Entries Will Be Listed Soon.

After elimination list is finalized, Fan pages started asking people to vote him/her and to save from elimination. People just need to give a missed call to their favourite star and those who get less number of votes can be eliminated.

So you can save any celebrity from being eliminated.

How to vote Telugu Bigg Boss with SMS

This Voting Process is Not Live for now. Avoid Using This Process to vote.

All Housemates will be Given a Particular Code. Audience Need to Send the code to the particular Number from their Mobile Phones. This Process is not used by many and was an old school Process. The SMS codes will be updated soon.

This Process is implemented in Bigg Boss Kannada and It might be Implemented Here too. So we Thought to write it down.

Bigg Boss Telugu voting time

One must vote before the time to make it counted.

Voting time may vary from episode to episode. Below is the image with accurate voting time. Remember, Votes within the time will only be taken into count. You can check the time cycle according to the week.

Start DateTimeEnd DateTime
6th Sept 202022:25:0011th Sept 202023:59:59
13th Sept 202022:25:0018th Sept 202023:59:59
20th Sept 202022:25:0025th Sept 202023:59:59
27th Sept 202022:25:002nd Oct 202023:59:59


  • Votes before the deadline are taken into count.
  • I suggest you check the week and then follow the time (from the above image) to vote.

How are the votes counted | vote count?

Well, there are many rumours and all regarding the voting system and here is the exact thing on Who counts the votes and selects the eliminated contestant!!

Star MAA is connected with PWC company, It’s an Indian company which monitors the voting system of Bigg Boss. They manually analyze the votes to eliminate a candidate from the house.

It is already said many times, The voting which is done through the Google vote and a missed call are considered. Polls and surveys which are provided by various sites and Facebook pages are not taken into consideration.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants and Eliminations

Now Nominations,

There are many ways to nominate a housemate and are undefined. It’s all about the decisions of Bigg Boss.However, here are some taken from previous seasons.

Hope you might still remember Bigg Boss Telugu episodes where “Bigg Boss,” asks some controversial questions to the contestants such as

“Who is unfit for the show?”

“Who should be eliminated and why.”

Housemates with more number of votes is pushed to nomination for that week. However, Ignoring the rules and all leads to direct nomination as well.Winning tasks might save from nominations too.

The plot of the show will be initiated by the Bigg Boss with an invisible voice.” For example, Jyoti was eliminated in the first week of Bigg Boss season 1. This is how nominations are done. Public can’t nominate a housemate.

Nominations are usually done once a week.

Post nominations, voting (which was said above)goes on and then the elimination where he/she will be sent out of the house.

The nominated contestants with less number of public votes will be eliminated for the week. Here comes the public voting into play. However, sometimes Bigg Boss have the right to change the decision by introducing Secret room and all.

Here are some key points before we go deep into elimination.

  • A captain can’t be nominated for that week.
  • Elimination depends Upon Voting
  • The nomination will be done on the first day of the week.
  • Housemates will be evicted on the last day of the week.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 Contestants and Eliminations

Due to COVID-19 most of the celebrities are about to enter home this time. Here is the list of Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 contestants.

Harika Alekhya

Harika Alekhya:

Harika is well-known YouTuber for her channel Dhethadi. She used to work in Amazon and later joined Tamada media which changed life completely. Later, She ventured her own YouTube channel where Harika uploads humour filled videos in Telangana Slang.

Actor Nandu

Actor Nandu

Actor Nandu who made his debut as a complete lead actor with “Savari” is entering the season 4. It’s well known, his wife Geetha Madhuri already proved herself as a runner up in previous season. The news is confirmed by himself on his Official insta handle.

Milkuri Gangavva

Milkuri Gangavva

Gangavva is a YouTube sensation who is 58 years old and hails from Telangana. She is the owner of the popular Youtube channel “My Village show”. Gangavva is a school dropout who didn’t complete the formal education and her acting talent was encouraged by her relatives.

Week 1: Will be updated

Week 2: Will be updated

Week 3: Will be updated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Contestants and Eliminations

Season 3 was hosted by Nagarjuna and same as previous season there are 15 contestants. No rules are changed and is same as the previous seasons.Here are the list of contestants who enter the Bigg House for season 3.

  • Baba Bhaskar
  • Jaffar Babu
  • Punarnavi Bhoopalam
  • Mahesh Vitta
  • Varun Sandesh
  • Ashu Reddy
  • Sreemukhi
  • Hema
  • Ali Reza
  • Ravi Krishna
  • Himaja Reddy
  • Rohini Noni
  • Rahul Sipligunj
  • Vishu Reddy
  • Savitri

As usual elimination is done on public votings and Rahul Sipligunj was emerged as the winner of season 3.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 Contestants and Eliminations

The season was hosted by Natural Star Nani. Star MAA in absence of NTR picked Nani and offers a great remuneration. To be frank, Season 2 is more spicer than season 1 but failed to entertain the audience. Here is the. brief info on season 2 stats.

Starting DateJune 10 2018
HostNatural Star Nani
ProducerEndemol Shine India
Official Streaming PartnerHotstar
Streamed inStar MAA
LocationAnnapurna Studios, Hyderabad
Number of House mates16
Number of Days100
Official VotingOnline and Missed Call
Wild card Entries2/3
GuestsYet To Known

Same as Previous one, Contestants of season 2 were announced on the welcome episode and here is a quick list of housemates.

  • Geetha Madhuri
  • Tejaswi Madiwada
  • Amit
  • Samrat
  • Tanish
  • Deepthi
  • Babu Gogoneni
  • Roll Rida
  • Syamala
  • Kirrethi
  • Deepthi sunaina
  • Koushal
  • Ganesh
  • Sanjana
  • Nutan naidu
  • Nandini Rai
  • Pooja Ramachandran

Week 1:Deepti Sunaina, RJ Ganesh, Sanjana Anne, Nutan Naidu, Keerthi Dharmaraj and Kausal are Nominated on the Very Second Day of the show. Sanjana and Nutan are kept in Jail For a Day By Bigg Boss.most of the audience are literally irritated by Sanjana the commoner who is going to play the game in Hindi version. She has to remind that its completely away from ours. Moreover, those experienced 11 seasons to date. All Housemates are asked to Nominate and the People with Good Number of Votes are Nominated for Week 1.

Samrat was Elected as the captain for the week. without any surprises, Sanjana was eliminated for week 1. Shockingly Nani revealed one more contestant might be entering the house soon i.e Nandini Raj. All Became Emotional on the eve of father’s day.

Week 2: Deepthi Sunaina, RJ Ganesh, Babu Gogineni, Nutan Naidu, and Kaushal are Nominated for this week. There is a lot happened in this week.

After a Tough Task Amith is Elected as Captain as he won the task. Deepthi Sunaina had been caught to Bigg Boss while Saying her complaints on all Housemates to Nandini Rai and all. Moreover, there is a quite serious quarrel between Nutan Naidu and Taneesh on the Samrat Words which doesn’t make any sense. Later Kaushal Takes on Kireeti for Blaming him. Kireeti Tried to take revenge over Kaushal in the captaincy task which later leads to the war between them.

However, in the end, Nani had Opened his mouth over Deepthi and Kireeti for their works in the House. Finally, Nutan Naidu was Eliminated from the House in season 2.

Week 3:Geetha Madhuri, Tejaswi, Ganesh, Kireeti and Bhanu are Nominated for the Week 3.There are fewer controversies this week when compared to the Last week. Bigg Boss Sugar Cane Factory was a Good Task.

Captain Task is one of the major aspects of this week. Amith, Kaushal, and Tanish competed for the task. After a Long Time, Kaushal and Tanish Compromised and Selected Amith as Captain for week 3.

Here comes the Host On Week Days,  Nani Declares Bhanu and Tejaswi As Safe on the Saturday Itself. Sunday Episode Started with a Fun task where all were Enjoyed. Finally, Kireeti and Ganesh are in Danger Zone. By the End of the Episode, kireeti was asked to pack the bag. His Behaviour with Kaushal makes him more negative in Public.

Kireeti Was Eliminated from the House on 21st day after leaving an Emotional Speech.

Week 4: Tejaswi, Kaushal, Ganesh, Syamala, Nandini, Deepti, Babu, Geetha were Nominated for the 4th week. The weekend days, Nani Shared one of his life incidents saying that one should not underestimate themselves. Nani Started Questioning the following things in the House to the housemates. The Interesting ones are Listed Below.

He asked Deepthi Sunaina About Kissing Tanish in the late night when lights are off and she was caught to the camera. Her Answer Might disappoint the audience as she said she is speaking to tanish close to his ears. Later Nani questioned Deepthi and Bhanu about their usage of Washroom.3 of the contestants entered the washroom at a time without Mike and Nani questioned them about the Conversation happened.

The Episode lass with a Game and Elimination. A video Clip regarding Syamala was Played and She will be not Missing her Son’s First Birthday. Syamala Was Eliminated in this week.

Week 5: Bhanu Sree, Deepthi, and Commoner Ganesh are Nominated for the 5th week. Bigg Boss Conducted a captaincy task where the contenders have to propagate their campaign by clearing the doubts of People in the House. Deepthi Sunaina and Geetha Madhuri Participated in it. Finally, Geetha will be the Captain for the 6th week. Kaushal was the captain of the House in the 5th week.

Bhanu Sree was Eliminated in 5th Week

Week 6: Amit, Deepti, Roll, Samrat, Tejaswi, Tanish are Nominated for the Week. Geetha Was the captain of the House for the week. Amit was the least talked contestant of the House and was Directly Nominated for the Elimination. Luckily he wins the secret task and was backed from Nomination.

Lakshmi Manchu and Pradeep Entered the House as Guests this week. It was Rumoured that Pradeep might be the wild card entry as Dhee 10 was Completed recently. However, he is a guest.

As Expected from the Public Polls, Tejaswi Madiwada was Eliminated from the House this week.

Week 7: Here is the Suspense which Audience Needs. There are No Eliminations This week But there is something interesting that we can’t take our eyes from the show.

Till now, 6 Housemates are eliminated in 6 weeks. Public voting will be done to those 6 contestants and the Housemate will Good Number of Votes will return to the House in this week.

More Over, Swamy Ra Ra Fame Pooja Entered House as Wildcard Entry 2.

Week 8: Nandini was eliminated.

Week 9:Babu, Ganesh, Geetha, Syamala, Deepthi and Tanish were nominated. Babu was Eliminated with less number of votes.

Week 10: Pooja, Geetha, Roll, Deepthi, Syamala and Nutan were nominated whereas Deepthi gets eliminated

Week 11:Among Pooja,Tanish,Deepti,Kaushal, Pooja was eliminated in 11th week of the show.

Week 12:This is a double elimination week.Common man Ganesh and Nutan were eliminated in week 12.

Week 13 &14& 15:Syamala, Amit and Roll were eliminated in respective weeks and show geared up for grand finale where kaushal with more number of votes stood as a winner.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 1 Contestants and Eliminations

Here is the list of contestants for season 1 and their elimination details which was hosted by Jr.NTR. There are rumours that NTR received a hefty Remuneration for being a first host.

SS Thaman scores the Music for season 1 and it hits the right chord. Rashmi Gautham who was rumoured to be the first contestant is completely fake.

Week 1: It’s a fun week.Jr.NTR hosting was talk of the week. The way of talking and receiving the contestants connected to the audience. Finally, MAA Tv had a record-breaking TRP (16.8)as well. There are no issues between the housemates and Sampoornesh Babu is elected as Captain By the Bigg Boss. By the weekend, he was removed as the captain for involving in issues. Surprisingly, Jyoti Got Eliminated in the First week itself.

Week 2: Sampoornesh Babu is the first Housemate who abused Bigg Boss under pressure. As he was removed from the captain, A little pressure and stress make him go out even without elimination. Later he had given the reason for leaving the Bigg Boss. One more, Singer Madhu Priya was eliminated in the 2nd week. She kept on wiping for days and hours and got nominated by the Housemates as Madhu is much sensible. Kalpana was elected as the captain after participating in the task. Romantic Task between Archana and Prince Got the attention. On the weekend, Madhu Priya Got eliminated and Kalpana was rewarded as the “Villan of the show” in the task because of her captaincy. Muamith Temporarily leaves the show for Drug Investigation.

Week 3: Surprisingly, Here we go with the first wild card entry. Diksha made her Rocking entry from the swimming pool which shocks the housemates. As usual, Candidates are nominated for the elimination. Prince Kisses Diksha and it draws the major attention. Archana and Diksha had a misunderstanding which builds pressure on Diksha. Prince is elected as captain and Mumaith Khan problem with the House captains continues. Mahesh Kathi Proves his talent in cooking and Kathi Chicken (Chicken was named by the host)was the result. Surprisingly, Sameer Gets Eliminated.

Week 4: Double elimination takes place. Kalpana and Kathi Mahesh were eliminated and Navadeep entered the House as a Wildcard entry 2.Kalpana who is named as “Dictator” during her captaincy imitated the contestants by sharing the stage with the Host Jr.NTR

Week 5: Navdeep is elected as captain and looks balanced. Tasks played a huge role in this week. Captain started saying the news to Bigg boss as a “Newsreader” and it dragged some attention towards him. Mumaith and Hari Teja were self-nominated for taking a call from their homes. The rest nominations were based on Contestants selection and nomination. Finally, Mumaith, Hari, Archana, and Dhanraj are nominated for the elimination on the first day of the 5th week. As it was a house of surprises, 5thweek elimination was a big drama till date. Mumaith was eliminated and was asked to pack herself and was about to leave as well. All of sudden, Bigg Boss calls her back and gives a chance(As she was self-nominated she was given a chance to survive). Mumaith was sent to the secret room from where she kept an eye on Bigg House.No one is Eliminated.

Week 6: Double Elimination Takes place. Karthika and Dhanraj were eliminated. Hari Teja became the captain of the house for the first time. Dhanraj was blessed with a baby boy and was announced by NTR on the stage itself which made him happy. Dhanraj puts Big Bomb on Adarsh and Karthika on Siva Balaji.

Week 7: Mumaith Khan is eliminated in the 7th week after being a captain. Hari Teja Performance stood as a highlight for this week. The game takes on serious mode and audience are completely unable to guess anything. A small rivalry had been happened between Archana and Deeksha and was solved. Hope you will be more entertained in the 8th week

Week 8: Prince was eliminated. Allari Naresh visited the House as a guest as a part of his new movie promotions. The unseen video of Siva beating Hari Teja surprised all. Most of the candidates in the house nominated Adarsh in the confession room as a result of his behaviour in the task. Contestants revealed their Best and Bad things in the house.

week 9: Week 9 is an emotional ride for most of the housemates as last week of the show was announced. Housemates started making fun of Diksha Panth who was on the elimination list as well. She was nominated for all the housemates and as per expectations, Diksha was eliminated in the 9th week as the rest of players are stronger than her.

Week 10: It’s an NTR show in week 10. As a part of Jai Lava Kusa Movie promotions Tarak, Kalyanram, Nivetha and Rashi Kanna Entered the house and NTR Cooks for the housemates as well. So it’s an entertaining week with Tarak and was bit emotional too as this was the last week of season 1. Grand finale was set on 24th September from 6 pm to 10 pm and the winner will be announced by the host.

Siva balaji was the winner of season 1 with more number of votes in grand finale.

Bigg Boss Telugu Today episodes & written updates

Here we will be Updating Summary For Every possible Episode. You can check the elimination Page for weekly Summary.

Will Be Updated

Bigg Boss Telugu Rules and Regulations

Show without rules is really not that entertaining. Here are the some of the main rules of this reality show.

  • Everyone should speak in Telugu.
  • The discussions or conversations which are personally done between the contestant and Bigg Boss should not be discussed in the house.
  • Should not damage the household things.
  • Alcohol and related are avoided.
  • Tasks done by a contestant can save him/her from elimination(Prince was saved by the clothes washing task).
  • No sleep During the day times.
  • No one should go out of the allocated space.
  • Winners will be listed based on People Voting(Google voting and missed call voting).

Frequently Answered Questions

What is the cash prize for the winner?

The cash prize for the Bigg Boss Telugu winner is 50 Lakhs.By the way, there will be more surprises and prizes in the game as well.

Can I participate in Bigg Boss Telugu?

YES. Official notification and registrations regarding this will be out during the season start. However common people with good social followers are considered.

Where is Bigg House located?

Bigg House is a set where contestants had to live. It is usually erected in film studios. Season 4 house might be located in Annapurna studios.

Each and every thing related to Bigg Boss Telugu will be updated here. Hope you bookmark the page and comment down your favourite contestant.

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