NTR Remuneration For Bigg Boss Telugu!!{Seems Shocking}

It was confirmed that Tamil and Telugu Bigg boss seasons are going to be hosted by Kamal Hassan and Jr.NTR respectively. You are suggested to go with the official news here. According to some of the local YouTube channels, it was known one crore rupees was being spent on the Tamil set alone, and now this creates some more hype about the remuneration details of the Telugu host. For now, have a look at the NTR remuneration for bigg boss Telugu 🙂

ntr remuneration for bigg boss

Note: All the info regarding payments is not official.The info was stated by having a small research over the local YouTube languages.The figures might not be exact, But they may be around it for sure.

Host and remunerations

Bigg Boss Hindi is being organized by Salman Khan who had a great fan base all over India, and it helped the show to get more viewers. Bigg Boss 9 was hosted by Salman Khan and was offered a big price of 5-6 crores per the season. Now they are going to continue with the same host for season 10 offering 8-10 crores for the upcoming season.

Bigg Boss Kannada is being hosted by Sudeep, Popularly known as eega fame for Telugu people. He was offered with a package of 20-22 crores for five seasons. Is it small? A big No.

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Bigg Boss Telugu, the thing which we need to talk for some time.After a huge buzz over in Tollywood, it’s official that NTR will be hosting the season of bigg boss in Telugu. As per above seasons, info and experts view the pay of the host might be around some 4-5 crores for the first season, and it was the first presence of the hero on the small screen as well.

NTR remuneration for Bigg Boss Telugu

But to the surprise, NTR is offered with 8 crores to host bigg boss Telugu season 1.This was the highest remuneration by any Tollywood actor for a TV show till now 🙂

Who proposed NTR as the bigg boss host?

This might be a surprise for many. Akkineni Nagarjuna had who had the partnership in the channel had already grabbed good viewer base by hosting Milo Evaru kotiswarudu.It was being followed by Chiranjeevi who had the good fan base in Tollywood. It is expected that the BB show would be hosted by one of these two-star heroes and being partners for the channel sounds cool.

As per local critics and info, it was stated that the both stars has suggested NTR as a host to the producers.According to me, everyone is hoping for the best from NTR on the small screen who was capable of delivering great performances.

Current situation:

None of the news regarding the bigg boss was official.As NTR is busy with his regular shoot and so the show was expected to have a start during the August.

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