Rashmi Gautam as Bigg Boss Contestant !?[Fake news]

Make sure that you had watched the new Bigg Boss Telugu Promo before getting involved in this rumor! We may end YouTube by viewing it for a single time, Right? Same repeated with me as well, I had viewed it four times and below are the few things which I noticed in the latest teaser. I just assumed some of the contestants by having a repeated clean look at the promo, and this might be true.

rashmi gautam bigg boss

Disclaimer: This article is from our imagination. It’s official that the complete list of bigg boss Telugu contestants will be revealed on July 16th.Star MAA and Jr.NTR refused to name the list in the recent press release just to carry the buzz till the date.

Rashmi Gautam to participate in Bigg Boss Telugu reality show

rashmi gautam
Rashmi Gautam

This is unofficial news by us and hopes it will happen.Rashmi Gautam is a well-known anchor who hosted the funny platform Jabardasth which gains millions of views and followers for ETV India. In Simple, She helped single-handedly to increase TRP’s of ETV.She had achieved an enormous teenage base as well by making a debut in Tollywood(Antham, HostGuntur Talkies).She just surprised the movie lovers with her hot appearance on Big screen.

Relating the Recent Promo to Rashmi Gautam Entry to Bigg Boss

Here is our observation from the recent promo. To make it more ease let me dig out the exact scenario of the Bigg Boss teaser.

Well, the recent teaser starts with the entry of NTR asking the audience to watch along with hThe host started spying the house and here comes an actress, and her appearance made me to write this article. An young actress with a modern wear and I am sure most of us might assume her as rashmi who used to be similar in Jabardasth.Anyway we have to wait till the telecast to know the complete details

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Did Rashmi is good enough to enter Bigg Boss House?

This section is to collect answer from the audience. According to me, Bigg Boss house need actors/actress who are involved in more controversial topics, and this alone can help to create a lot of buzz around the show. And we all know that Rashmi is far good at managing things, she even recently faced several rumors

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3 thoughts on “Rashmi Gautam as Bigg Boss Contestant !?[Fake news]

  1. Lucky hari says:

    Nani gari hosting is excellent

  2. Adarsh Krishnan says:

    Its A Fake News, Actor Nani Is Hosting The Show
    & He’s Doing It Very Brilliant !

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