Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants List {Season 1}

Bigg Boss Telugu, This was the most hyped news in Tollywood for a week, and the reason was the release of two teasers from Star Maa. At first, the show was backed and promoted by the NTR fans, and now the Bigg Boss Telugu version is experiencing the unexpected popularity from the Tollywood fans.

Makers officially released some posters and teasers to grab some eyeballs in no time. Star Music Director Thaman has composed these music tracks which caught some attention initially.

Check out the teasers here:

Ok well, there is a lot of questions regarding the contestants of the show. So now we are going to have a small discussion about the big boss Telugu contestants for season 1.It was already rumored that the officials are receiving a great response from the general audience asking for the participation details.

Star MAA Stated That They had contacted 100+ celebrities and had finalized 12 .

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants for season 1:

The plot of Bigg Boss is going to be same with Hindi version as makers are in a way to shoot it in Mumbai itself with a grand set. So experts are expecting the plot of the show will be the same as Hindi version.

Well, there must be contestants to make a successful reality show. Considering the Hindi version, celebrities are firstly invited as the contestants, and later common people are welcomed as well. There are some debates and rumors regarding this such as the show is especially for celebrities and so on…Let me explain it in my words.

Any reality show must need TRP to get the return of investment. To get TRP, The show must be popularized among the people, and no one is going to watch the show without any hype in its initial days. And so I firmly believe that celebrities are the right choice as contestants.

So selected celebrities will be the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants for Season 1, and below is the list of contestants.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants List:

Here is the list of contestants who entered the house for very first season.

  1. Archana
  2. Sameer
  3. Mumaith Khan
  4. Prince
  5. Madhu Priya
  6. Sampoornesh Babu
  7. Jyothi
  8. Kalpana
  9. Mahesh Kathi
  10. Kathi Karthika
  11. Siva Balaji
  12. Hari Teja
  13. Adarsh
  14. Dhanraj

These will be contestants for the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1.Hope you might be satisfied with the list.

How were Bigg Boss Telugu contestants selected?

Well! A good valid question. According to the official reports, its might be damn similar to Hindi version i.e. the above we are going to witness Tollywood celebrities in the Bigg Boss house during the initial days.Star MAA stated in the press release that they had contacted more than 100 celebrities and finalized 12 of them to the Bigg Boss House.

There are no such requirements to enter the Bigg Boss House.It’s all about the producer’s tasks.To be frank, investors need some controversial people mesmerize people with their talks and this was the open fact.

Can common people enter Bigg Boss House?

Hope it might be possible in future. Even we got some messages on our Facebook page regarding the common man selections to the Bigg Boss House. Below is a snapshot of a guy who is damn interested in getting into the Bigg Boss house.

But it might happen one day If you are the one who is waiting for it Have a read at Bigg Boss Telugu Registration 🙂

We always tried to provide the exact info regarding the show.If it were the rumor, it would be Cleary mentioned in the article as well. Do share this hot gossip with Buddies.

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  3. Vote for Dikshapanth.don’t eliminate her .

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    2. Vote for Dikshapanth.don’t eliminate her .

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