Bigg Boss Season 2 Teasers : New Logo Out

Ever since Announced, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 creates a Huge Buzz without much announcements. The Main Reason Behind the scenes is “Common Man can enter in season 2” by participating in the Auditions.NTR Hosted season 1 was a Huge hit and makers decided to make a bit big for season 2. Generally, Common man is allowed after 5 seasons but now you can enter the house and live with celebs for 100 days.

bigg boss season 2

Bigg Boss Season 2 Teaser 1:

Teaser 1 is all about Hinting the audience about common man registrations. It features Diksha Panth and some actors hinting about the Common Man Entry to the Bigg House. Here is the video if you didn’t watch it.

Bigg Boss Telugu Teaser 2

The second Teaser is about announcing the Registration form for Audience. May 15, 2018, is the last date for entry. They also released a set of rules which are enclosed in the form itself. After the Auditions, Housemates will be filtered out and will be announced on the day of the welcome episode.

Here is the Common Man Auditions Teaser

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 Bigg Boss New Logo For Season 2

We know the Big Eye is the presentation of Bigg Boss Show in any language. Makers Just reproduce the main logo with some engaging Graphics and its similar for season 2.Surprisingly, The theme music of the game show is changed as well which bring some freshness to the show earlier.

Star MAA Releases a video for Logo saying the colorful mystery of eye on their Social Media Channels. Here is the video for you. Surprisingly No One is confirmed as Host Till Date.

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