He ! is the voice Behind Bigg Boss {Revealed}

Well, Hope you are satisfied with the Bigg Boss Telugu Episodes till date. We almost covered every topic regarding this Telugu reality show including the remuneration of contestants.Ok Alright; we had received a single question from some fans about the man behind the voice of Bigg Boss. And so we thought to write a small article which explains everything about voice of Bigg Boss here.


If you are not a regular watcher of the show, then it may take time to settle down here and to understand the actual purpose of the article. Let me explain you in detail. The contestants who are living in the house are instructed by a voice and called as “Bigg Boss”. All the participants have to follow Bigg Boss instruction to survive till the end of the show.

Works of Bigg Boss

  • The major task of the Bigg Boss is to manage the Bigg House which was with the participants now.
  • There is a special room inside the home, where the participants are personally invited to have a private conversation with Bigg Boss. The participants and the audience can hear voice only.
  • Apart from private conversations, He announces the rules and warns the participants when they are crossed with listed terms and conditions and more over announcements in the house is made by Bigg Boss Itself.
  • He often gathers the members in order to share information and all. In one word the House is simply managed by a voice named under Bigg Boss

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The question is “who is the person behind the Voice of Bigg Boss”?

We can clearly guess the voice of NTR, and so it became the hot topic now.

Person behind the Voice of Bigg Boss Telugu: Mr.RadhaKrishna

We can say in clear the voice was not from NTR and some other celebs as we can easily guess them. It’s no more a question for Bigg Boss fans from now.Mr Radha Krishna who was a senior Dubbing artist who gave voice to many serial actors. If you are a regular watcher of the serials, then you might guess the name after a clean listen.

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3 thoughts on “He ! is the voice Behind Bigg Boss {Revealed}

  1. Nagarjuna says:

    I have intrest to go to bigg boss season 4 if have chance please inform me

  2. After dhanraj elimination I stopped watching the show.

  3. Mumaith Khans behavior with Dhana Raj is not at all excusable. She was against Dhana
    since he voted against her. She was using very plinthy language & targeted dhanaraj always. What bigboss is doing & why encourage such lady?And bigboss giving lot of importance to few contests ( Navadeep & deeksha is unfit in the house) & not a fair play. We won’t get interest now a days to watch the shows because of this unfair game show.

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